How to Choose the Safest Cot Mattress for your baby?

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The physical structure of babies is incredibly delicate and you should take extra care and precautions to protect that. The growth ratio of babies is totally dependent on the care and maintenance procedures of them; choosing proper cot mattress is one of those maintenance steps. A proper and good mattress is not only appropriate for cozier bedtime, but also it internally takes part on the overall growth structure of your baby and also keeps them safe. Before buying the perfect mattress for your little one, you should consider comfort, cost and durability, because your baby will probably sleep in that crib for only 2-3 years. So, check out this discussion and get proper idea before choosing the appropriate one.

• Firmness:
This feature is a very important one; the firmer cot mattress is the most perfect one. So, take a close look on it that it is firm enough to keep your sweet heart safe and comfortable. If it will feel very stiff to you, then also it will not create any problem to your baby and he will definitely adjust on it. To check the proper firmness, press the mattress at the edges and in the centre.
• The perfect size:
As babies are restless by nature, so, you should make sure that the size of the mattress will fit absolutely perfect way. It has to fit snugly in the crib, without any place left in the sides of the crib. So, before buying the mattress, take perfect measurements of the crib and buy accordingly.
• Density:
Density wise you should buy a thick mattress, because a high density mattress will give your baby the desirable firmness. But in most of the cases, you will not get any proper indication of density on the outer packaging of the mattress. So, in this case you should consider the weight of the mattress. If the manufactures are using lower gauge means thick wire, then it is implementing that the mattress is enough thick and firm.
• Cover of the mattress:
As it is for your baby, so, you should definitely take a mattress which has water resistance covering system. Look for double or triple laminated nylon based coving techniques. The mentioned composition is perfectly resistant to holes, soggy diapers and tears. If you are opting to organic cot mattress, then make a covering of water proof mattress cover.
• Venting:
Buy mattresses with small holes on the side parts of the mattress, because it will let the flow of the air in and out. Through this process, the mattress will smell better and let the tacky odors escape. This feature is very helpful at the time of handling leak diapers.
So, keep the above points in your mind before choosing a cot mattress for your baby. Gift them the perfect joy of growing big with comfort and care. You can also check out online stores and buy the perfect one