Q.When is the right time to move my child to a bed?

Moving from cot to their first kids bed is an exciting milestone in a childs life. However, making the change is sometimes tricky. It may be hard to know whether or not your child is ready to move from a cot to a bed. Signs of readiness include climbing out of the cot , wanting to sleep in your bed or needing to get to the toilet at night.
Most children move to a bed somewhere between the ages of eighteen months and 2 years..

Q.Should a parent pass down an old mattress to a child?

If a mattress is no longer comfortable for you, it’s not good enough for someone else especially your child. As kids grow, they need a supportive and comfortable mattress that is right for them and their little bodies. Be sure your children have enough space to move around comfortably and grow into as they won’t be small for long. Selecting your child’s first “big girl” or “big boy” bed is an important decision so you should consider that it is big enough and provide enough space and be comfort for them as they grow.

Q.What is the normal delivery time?

Delivery times vary, depending on what you order and where you are located. If held in stock, the goods are available straight away for collection or for sending on delivery within 72hrs of placing order. If not in stock, it is usually around 2 weeks from confirmation of your order to delivery to your home. On rare occasions it may be longer but we aim to keep most products in stock unlike other retailers.

Q.Do you have a home delivery service?

If you’re short of time, or you would rather not carry those heavy items home, then our home delivery service is designed for you. Simply shop for all your furniture and accessories, and have all your shopping delivered to you at an agreed time – shopping has never been easier!
We deliver to your garage or front door only. Some deliveries may require 2 people, a minimum fee of $99 is required for two people delivers. ( some conditions apply, ask our staff for a delivery quote)

We can organise delivery to most states of Australia

Please contact us for a quote for a delivery to your home. Delivery prices are for the freight cost and we include insurance on all our deliveries of which not all retailers provide this service.

Q.Does the furniture arrive assembled?

Most of the furniture does not arrive assembled and will need assembly. Depending on which product you choose will depend on how much assembly that may be required. Most of our furniture is flat packed so a good knowledge of assembling flat packed furniture is required. Some items are easy to assemble, so a little more difficult.
We are able to help assemble some items for our local customers, please contact our store for more information. If you are interstate, then searching on a site like Gumtree for local flat pack assemble people is often a good start.

Q.How long does it take to assemble a piece of furniture?

The assembly time varies and can depend on the size of the product, the number of pieces in the item and your experience with assembling furniture. The process is simple, but some pieces can be assembled in an hour or so and others may take a few hours. And the more experience you have with assembling furniture, the faster it will take. Working with someone can also cut the assembly time considerably. As a general rule, Kids chairs, bedsides and Kids beds are the fastest and Kids desks take the most time. All furniture comes with assembly instructions.

Helpful links to help assemble flat pack furniture.

Q.Do you have a assembly service?

Yes we can provide a delivery service for you whether it is local or interstate. A minimal assembly service is offered on some products, just let us know if you would like a quote for the cost to assemble your furniture and we will let you know. Contact us at Bambino Home on
07 3808 6003.

Q.Do you offer Layby?

We are pleased to offer you a Layby service on MOST products. We require a minimum 20% deposit for a 2 month layby term. Fortnightly payments are required. FAILURE TO MAKE FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS WILL RESULT IN A $5 LATE PAYMENT FEE, FOR EACH PAYMENT MISSED. Interim payments may be made either in store, via direct deposit or with credit card over the phone. , A 20% cancellation fee applies if the lay-by is cancelled by either party. A store credit for the amount paid, less the 20% cancellation fee will be issued for the remaining balance.
Special Order Lay-by, these Lay-by’s are for large orders, or when ordering items that are not normal stock items.
We require a minimum 50% Deposit or full payment before we place the order with our supplier. Cancellation of a Special Order will result in a minimum 50% cancellation fee of deposit paid.
Lay-By Payments must be paid in full before items are delivered or collected.
If a store credit is issued, credit must be used within 3 months of store credit being issued.
A $50 storage fee will apply if items are stored longer than the 2 month lay-by term.

Choice of Payment Methods

To make paying at the checkout as easy as possible we gladly accept:

  1. Cash
  2. Direct Deposit
  4. All major Credit cards including Visa and Master Card
  5. Gift Cards Available

Q. What is warranty on your products?

All products sold by Bambino Home are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months (Most mattresses are covered by a 5 Year Warranty), unless otherwise stated. Bambino Home at its option, shall repair or replace any product during the warranty period which fails to meet the product’s specifications. This warranty shall extend to the original purchaser only, and a copy of the original purchase receipt must be supplied in the event of your product requiring warranty service. Please contact us by email in writing and phone with details of the issue before returning any product.
This warranty does not extend to product failures or defects caused by or associated with; failure to install or maintain correctly, unsuitable physical or operating environment, accident ,misuse, unauthorised repair, modification or alteration. We will not be held responsible for return freight charges and packaging costs of goods
returned under warranty. We will however waive delivery costs for redelivery of items repaired or replaced.
In accordance with the Laws of Fair Trading applicable within Australia, Bambino Home will refund or replace (at our option) any item that arrives in a damaged condition, provided that we are notified immediately upon delivery. Please contact us by email in writing andr phone with details of the damage before returning any products.
We will also refund or replace (at your option) any item that does not do what its description said it would, or was falsely misrepresented.
We generally will not refund an item simply because you change your mind about the item. If an item is unused, in original packaging and where a proof of purchase is provided, we will allow an exchange for an item of similar or higher value.
Where items are returned for refund via mail or courier, they must be accompanied by a written statement stating why you believe the item should be refunded, and that item must be in the same condition as you received it. Items must be packaged for transport in a manner appropriate such that they should reasonably arrive in good condition.

Q. What is MDF?

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, combining it with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high temperature and pressure The comparison between MDF and plywood is that MDF is a lot stronger and denser. Almost of our Childrens beds, childrens desks and bedroom furniture is made of MDF.
It is made up of separated fibres, (not wood veneers) but can be used as a building material similar in application to plywood. It is much more dense than normal particle board.

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